Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy busy busy!

Life just keeps speeding up! We are in the middle of a move and (mini) house reno. We closed on our new house on Thursday (happy tax day)! Grandpa and Grammie made the trip from Kentucky to spend a week with Jackson. He had so much fun - it's going to take a few days to adjust back to boring life with just Mom & Dad.

Jackson is changing daily -- and getting CUTER (is that even possible!?)! He has 4 teeth going on 6, claps, crawls, pulls up, cackle laughs, eats all sorts of things, and gave his first *wave* to Grammie last week.

I was attempting to upload video to our blog and make it fancy like Becky's but it just got too complicated for tonight. I'm going to throw a bunch of pictures of Jackson at you ('cause that's what you really want anyway) and call it a night!

Here's what Jackson has been up to lately...picking colors for the new house (oh good he likes tan ;) ), playing bubbles with Grammie, banging away on the keyboard, eating pineapple and watching cartoons. Yes, Jackson is already addicted to the tube. I left him for one minute and when I came back -- he had changed the channel to Disney. Don't worry -- I immediately turned it back to HGTV. I'm going to need him to perfect his carpentry skills ;)

I'll figure out the video another time and upload some pictures of our new house!

Love to all ~ Christopher, Hayden & Jackson

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! Love, The Ladies Man

Sorry for the long hiatus. Blogging and the holidays did not mix very nicely so we'd also like to say, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Jackson is growing and changing by the day. Mid-December he got his two bottom teeth which you can actually see in the top picture! He's now eating solid foods 2x a day, sitting by himself, spinning 180 degrees on his belly, bouncing, and taking swim lessons! He keeps us very busy! He started out saying Mommmmomomoma but he's been stuck on Dadddadddaddadada for a couple of weeks. If you hadn't noticed Jackson hated wearing his Valentine's glasses from his Grammie....but he did really enjoy chewing on them. We hope everyone had a nice holiday! Love to all!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Days Gone By

WoW! October has flown by. We've had a busy month. Jackson is getting cuter by the day. I want to freeze time and have my sweet baby boy a little longer (during the day anyway). I just wanted to share some cute pics from the last couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago we made the trek to Lubbock so Chris could play in the TTU Alumni Lacrosse game. I'm happy to report there weren't any injuries. Jackson got to meet the Vaughnsters who showed him how Red Raiders tailgate. He also enjoyed his first football game sleeping right through it.

For those who don't know I sat Jentry when she was a baby and now check her out holding mine! Have I already mentioned that time goes way too fast?
Jackson is really trying hard to roll from front to back. I thought he was going yesterday but he stopped on his side. He's so close!

Round 1 at the pumpkin patch wasn't exactly like I imagined but I guess you can't expect a 3.5 month old to pose and smile when surrounded by huge strange orange objects. I don't know if you can tell but he was talking very seriously to us here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life in Texas

So much has happened since our last blog. In short, we moved from Delaware to Texas. Chris started a new job in Round Rock. Jackson turned 3 months old and Becky (my sister) got married! Whew! We have been really busy and are hoping that after this quick weekend trip to Lubbock for TTU Alumni weekend things will settle down.

Jackson rolled over for the first time on Monday. He has been so squirmy lately we knew it was coming! I have seen him go back to side, but he's never made it all the way over. So, I laid him on the mat tummy down in front of his mirror, ran to the bathroom -- and when I returned he was on his back! I was so upset I missed it. After his next nap he did his new trick for me again and later that night he rolled for Chris. We are still working on back-2-tummy. Everyday he changes right before our eyes. The time goes way too fast.

With the wedding approaching Beck has spent several days here in Round Rock and Baby A has had fun with both the cats and her cousin. She is so funny. She pets his head like he's just another animal on the farm. It's really sweet!

We are really enjoying life back in Texas. Being close to family and friends is so nice and of course the TexMex is like no other. We miss our Delaware church and friends though!

I'm leaving you with a picture of the little man's feet. I don't have any baby feet to compare them to but everyone tells me he has big feet! I just think they're cute.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We have a 6 week old....what?

How quickly time has flown by. Jackson is quickly out growing his newborn diapers and clothes. Next thing you know he'll be crawling! Funny how at times you can't wait for them to hurry up and get a little bigger to start sleeping through the night, smiling, cooing, crawling...etc and then you look back and wonder where the days have gone.

At Jackson's 1 month appointment he came in at a whopping 23" long and weighing 10 lbs 4.4 oz (95th and 60th percentiles respectively). No doubt he's grown more since then!

Jackson is beginning to develop a little personality. Except for his gassy spells he's a happy little guy. In the mornings he listens to his music and sings along.....sometimes he'll flash you his little baby grin and your heart will melt...guaranteed!

Heather, Becky & Ava came all the way out to meet Jackson last week. We packed some boxes, visited the outlets, worked on wedding projects, made burp cloths and just hung out with babies! It seems like only just yesterday Ava was born and now she is about to turn a year old! She made sure to give Jackson lots of pointers on surviving the first year of his life in our crazy family. She is going to come in handy when we wean him off his binky.

Most everyone knows this news already but I'll officially post it. In just 2 weeks our little family will be relocating from Delaware back home to Texas. We sold our home and Chris accepted a position with a company in Round Rock, TX. This all transpired rather quickly after Jackson's birth. We feel very confident this is where we are supposed to be as we waited for God to arrange the puzzle pieces all together. Living in Delaware has provided us with a great opportunity to travel the East Coast, make new friends and join a church family. We will really miss our friends but plan to stay in touch and visit and hope everyone does the same! a
Until next time, lots of love!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A week in the life of Jackson

Time is flying by! I can't believe our baby is already 9 days old. We came home from the hospital a week ago today. Since then Dad, Mom & Grandma have been all about it should be! Grandma left today and Jackson and Mom were sad to see her go :(

Jackson has met the kitties, who were terrified of him in the beginning but are now choosing to ignore him. He also had his first bath, which he hated and screamed through. His favorite things include sleeping on his dad (who is like an incubator) and swinging in his swing. Jackson has also met his Grammie, Grampie, Uncle Brad, Aunt Heather & Jay & Daniel over Skype but I know he can't wait to meet them all in person!

At our first pediatrician appointment on Tuesday he weighed 8 lbs 5 oz. The ped was amazed he was already back up over his birth weight....I am not since it seems like he's always eating.

The days are short and the nights are long but I wouldn't trade a single moment! We are so blessed to have such a beautiful healthy baby boy and a great support network of friends and family.

Check out Jackson's first week in pictures by clicking here

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jackson Kingsley LaRochelle

8 Pounds 2 Ounces
20.5 Inches Long
Born 3:38 EST

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