Friday, March 20, 2009

The Name Game

Sprig has gone nameless long enough! Chris & I sat down and finished our name lists. I'm saving them so one day poor Sprig can see his father wanted to name him (fill in the blank). ;) Just kidding! I'm sure several years down the road I might question Fletcher just as much as I'm wincing at Dwight now. (but really, DWIGHT!? I think that had to be a joke)

Well there were only 2 we have in common: Jackson or Mason so we threw those on a list with 1 other pick of our choice. Mine was Ryland and Chris's was Mitchell.

At this point we both agreed this whole process was a little silly because the name we have both liked and stewed over for some time now has been Jackson. So, we decided to save Mason for a later baby and can't wait for little Jackson Kingsley to arrive! Kingsley is Chris's middle name which was also his grandfather's name. I have always liked the name so that was a very easy choice!

Jackson = full of personality

Kingsley = from the King's meadow

26 Week Bump:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

24 weeks & counting!

Today I am 24 weeks pregnant. I can't believe I am already entering my 6 month! Overall I feel really good. Sprig still does not have an official name. It is an intimidating process knowing that it will be his name forever. We want to be sure we have exhausted our search but we do have a front runner.

The kicks and jabs are getting stronger by the day it seems and two mornings ago I felt him roll over for the first time. It is a really weird yet amazing feeling. According to the baby book he is somewhere around a pound and between 8-12 inches long.

Here is some bumpage from week 22:

Most of you already know we put our house up for sale. This means that if / when it sells we will be heading home to TEXAS! It is bittersweet since we have begun to make friends out here, but we are anxious to be closer to our family and friends with the addition of Sprig. We'll see what happens! Please pray that when our house sells, Chris is able to find a job! He's been looking but it is tough out there right now. For the most part, I am not stressing about it (which seems strange for me since I am a super planner). I have faith that God's plan is perfect and He is in control of the situation so I am prepared to birth a Texan or a Delawarian either way!

This past week was a 'fun' one. We had a big winter storm come through Sunday night dumping nearly 6 inches of snow on our house. I'm hoping it is the last of the snow. Who wants snow in March anyway!? Today looks promising with highs in the low 60s so I better get a start on my productive day!

Until next time, lots of love to everyone who reads our blog!

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