Saturday, May 30, 2009

36 weeks!

Only four more weeks to go! It seems like an eternity but I know it will fly by! Chris is heading down to Texas next Saturday and will be gone through Tuesday so I will be taking it easy so Jackson stays put! The Dr. does not expect me to go into labor soon. At my appointment on Friday I wasn't even a centimeter yet.

In other news we did receive an offer on our house but it was so low there was no way we could accept it and still have money left to get out of we're still waiting patiently for the right buyer to come along.

Remember the quilt I was talking about last post? Well guess what!? It's finished! Diane is the Speedy Gonzalez of quilting! I love it! It's perfect! I am dying to put Jackon's room our new Texas ;) Now everyone ooh and ahh~!

Even though this is is a 34 week bump pictue. I don't think it's changed that much (that's what I'm telling myself anyway)...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

33 weeks and 5 days...but who's counting?

I feel like so much has happened lately, yet time is creeping by. I'll try and keep things short and simple here.

1. We still own our house. Yay and nay. I am attached to the stupid thing. I really want to set up the crib and get Jackson's room all ready while at the same time I want to start packing up as much as I possibly can before he arrives. We've had some increased interest lately, but no offers...yet! One thing that is ready to go is the glider Grammie & Grampie gave us! It is so comfy! The cats are making sure it's safe before Jack arrives.

2. Chris hasn't had any major job leads yet but had a little flicker of possible interest recently. Lots of prayers needed! I know this whole scenario is just going to fall together when the timing is right.
3. Baby and mom are progressing fine and dandy! I've started having some mean ligament pain recently but that's normal and part of the package deal. Everyday tasks like putting on pants and socks are becoming more and more difficult. Today we went for our final sonogram and the little stinker wouldn't show us his face! We got to see the hair on the back of his head though! (HAIR!) I thought for sure we'd have a bald baby since both of us were bald! My mom and Heather both had hair...we'll see soon enough! Jackson did put on an acrobatic show. He played with his feet, held on to his toes and kicked himself in the head!

This bumpage is 32 weeks and after today I can say that a solid 5+ lbs are all baby! Just a couple more pounds and he'll be ready to join the world!

4. Bowl Me Over proudly took home the 1st place plaque in the Delco Church League! That bowling ball I got Christopher for Christmas really payed off. His best series this year was a 244, 209, 223!

5. Becky's friend's mom is going to make Jackson a baby quilt! I'm so excited! I spent many hours in Joanns on Saturday critically sorting through the fabric and an equal amount of time on Etsy to find the right combo. Her poor mom could probably make 3 blankets out of all this fabric but I couldn't narrow it down because I'm not a quilter and I wasn't sure what would work best. Diane is going to make something beautiful though! Here are the colors (and that is a piece of his bedding in the background). Thank you Deana! Thank you Diane!

The Big Finish: Tuesday was an eventful doctor's visit. Before I left I made sure to drink a bottle of water so I could leave my 'sample'. Arriving 5 minutes late, I signed in and rushed straight to the bathroom. After scribbling my name on a clear cup I began the 8-month-pregnant-lady-pee balancing act. While grasping the cup daintily (as to not acquire any sort of 'sample' on the hand) and holding a squat position (as to not acquire anyone else's 'sample' on the hiney) I proceeded to peer around my bump and aim for the cup. The cup falls into the toilet with the first rush of 'sample'. Crud. Ok. Now what? Do I fish the cup out? No, I must try and hold the rest and get a new cup. The 2nd attempt was a success. As I stood and turned to grab a wad of paper towels to begin my fishing, the automatic flush began to cycle. In a complete panic I thrust my hand toward the cup. Those hospital toilets have a mean pull though and the stupid toilet sucked my cup right down. Then it kept flushing because I was standing in front of the sensor trying to feel if the cup was lodged just out of sight. As the water level began to fill I had flashes of overflowing toilets and other people's 'samples' spilling onto the bathroom floor so I aborted the cup rescue mission. After thoroughly scrubbing and singing row, row, row your boat TWICE I made my walk of shame to the front desk to report that somewhere in the plumbing would be a plastic cup with my name on it. The receptionist was very sweet and called the maintenance men after assuring me I wasn't the first patient to go through this.
Until next time, lots of love!

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