Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We have a 6 week old....what?

How quickly time has flown by. Jackson is quickly out growing his newborn diapers and clothes. Next thing you know he'll be crawling! Funny how at times you can't wait for them to hurry up and get a little bigger to start sleeping through the night, smiling, cooing, crawling...etc and then you look back and wonder where the days have gone.

At Jackson's 1 month appointment he came in at a whopping 23" long and weighing 10 lbs 4.4 oz (95th and 60th percentiles respectively). No doubt he's grown more since then!

Jackson is beginning to develop a little personality. Except for his gassy spells he's a happy little guy. In the mornings he listens to his music and sings along.....sometimes he'll flash you his little baby grin and your heart will melt...guaranteed!

Heather, Becky & Ava came all the way out to meet Jackson last week. We packed some boxes, visited the outlets, worked on wedding projects, made burp cloths and just hung out with babies! It seems like only just yesterday Ava was born and now she is about to turn a year old! She made sure to give Jackson lots of pointers on surviving the first year of his life in our crazy family. She is going to come in handy when we wean him off his binky.

Most everyone knows this news already but I'll officially post it. In just 2 weeks our little family will be relocating from Delaware back home to Texas. We sold our home and Chris accepted a position with a company in Round Rock, TX. This all transpired rather quickly after Jackson's birth. We feel very confident this is where we are supposed to be as we waited for God to arrange the puzzle pieces all together. Living in Delaware has provided us with a great opportunity to travel the East Coast, make new friends and join a church family. We will really miss our friends but plan to stay in touch and visit and hope everyone does the same! a
Until next time, lots of love!

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