Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life in Texas

So much has happened since our last blog. In short, we moved from Delaware to Texas. Chris started a new job in Round Rock. Jackson turned 3 months old and Becky (my sister) got married! Whew! We have been really busy and are hoping that after this quick weekend trip to Lubbock for TTU Alumni weekend things will settle down.

Jackson rolled over for the first time on Monday. He has been so squirmy lately we knew it was coming! I have seen him go back to side, but he's never made it all the way over. So, I laid him on the mat tummy down in front of his mirror, ran to the bathroom -- and when I returned he was on his back! I was so upset I missed it. After his next nap he did his new trick for me again and later that night he rolled for Chris. We are still working on back-2-tummy. Everyday he changes right before our eyes. The time goes way too fast.

With the wedding approaching Beck has spent several days here in Round Rock and Baby A has had fun with both the cats and her cousin. She is so funny. She pets his head like he's just another animal on the farm. It's really sweet!

We are really enjoying life back in Texas. Being close to family and friends is so nice and of course the TexMex is like no other. We miss our Delaware church and friends though!

I'm leaving you with a picture of the little man's feet. I don't have any baby feet to compare them to but everyone tells me he has big feet! I just think they're cute.


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