Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Majority Rules!

Well 54% of you & the Chinese Gender Predictor were right! It's a boy! Seeing our miniman on the sonogram was the coolest thing. My sister predicted I would cry and I didn't believe her. I mean, we've all seen those fuzzy little pictures before, I knew what to expect. When he first popped up on the screen clear as day the tears started streaming. There is something so special about seeing proof that there really is a little one in there growing & thriving. They estimated his weight at 12 oz already!

This was our 20 week sonogram. We went for a Level 2 because my family has a bladder reflux history and they can actually see that stuff in a sonogram now! Amazing! So far so good. All Sprig's little organs and parts are doing just fine! Just to be on the safe side they are sending me back for another Level 2 at 30 weeks. I didn't put up too much of a fight because it means I get to see our little guy again!

The doctor said we have a very active little boy. He was really moving around a lot during the procedure and showing off his goods. The picture above is a shot from the bottom up.

I started feeling him kick and punch about 2 weeks ago..at first it felt like popcorn popping. Now it feels like little thuds and I feel him all the time! I love that feeling! And look how cute his little feet already are! I can't wait to see them in person!
We are so blessed everything is progressing normally and we can't wait to meet our little man. After the sonogram we went straight over to Baby's R Us to look at all the stuff for baby! That store is really overwhelming so we just got the basics: diapers, wipes, laundry detergent and a onesie. The other 'stuff' can always come later.
We don't have a name firmed up yet...maybe I need to make a poll for that too ;) ! Bump pictures are still to come! It's getting more round by the day. Stay tuned!

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